I have signed the Tax Payer Protection Pledge to oppose all tax increases. If elected, I will hold firm to this pledge. People should be free to make the best use of their own resources for the betterment of themselves, their families and our community.


We all share the good fortune of living in Hawaii and by exercising our civic duty can assure future generations an even better life.


  • No new taxes, fees or increases
  • Reduce non-emergency state spending and department budgets by 10%
  • Reform state public pension system to ensure long-term viability
  • Exempt food and medical-related expenses from General Excise Taxes (GET)
  • Halt rail construction until after a published cost-benefit analysis for residents
Our one-size-fits-all education system is ill-equipped to provide the best learning option for each student. We need to adopt a more flexible spending model where education dollars are student-centered, like education savings accounts. Education dollars should fund students, rather than physical school buildings.
  • Restore prosperity by repealing laws and reducing excessive regulation and taxation that stifle our tourism industry
  • Allow industry leaders the freedom to develop strategies to bring back Hawaii as a desirable vacation destination.


  • The beauty of Hawaii that attracts residents and tourists alike needs to be both enjoyed and protected from unmonitored overuse. Our natural resources are our top priority
  • Wildlife conservation must be preserved for our future generations

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